Nurse Aide Studies

Our Nurse Aide programme is recognized by The National Accreditation Council . It meets or exceeds the requirements of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) examination curriculum. It also includes 80 hours of work-study internship. Note: CNA Exams are done in the U.S and requires U.S residence to sit examinations

8 courses/$16,000 each/Package $95,000
Textbooks (2) $10,000

1. Anatomy & Medical Terminology
2. Nurse Assisting Duties & Interpersonal Skills
3. Practical Nurse Assisting Skills I
4. Practical Nurse Assisting Skills II
5. First Aid & Safety Procedures
6. Care of the Elderly I: Nutrition & Long-Term Care
7. Care of the Elderly II: Restorative, Palliative & Home Care
8. Comprehensive Review & Final Exam