There are not many options to choose from when it comes to computer training schools or colleges in Guyana. At the post-secondary level, there is the university of Guyana or U.G. that offers degrees in computer science. At the vocational level the main providers are Computer World Institute on Vlissingen Road in Georgetown and Global Technology on Camp Street. These two market leaders compete intensely for new entrants seeking foundation computer training. Computer World competes by offering a wide variety of courses at low prices while Global Technology competes by offering more technical courses at relatively high prices that suit the corporate market. Computer World offers Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook in it’s foundation package at a lower price than Global which offers only Word and Excel in their package.

Both Computer World and Global offers courses in computerized accounting, graphics design and computer repairs. The two institutions take separate paths thereafter. Computer World offers business and computer studies, office management and computer studies, computer typing, event planning and even oil and gas and health care studies. Global offers none of these but instead offers cloud computing, web design and other more technical courses.

Computer World’s brand identity is captured by the slogan “Qualify Yourself” which it has used for nearly thirty years. More recently, it has added “Learn more, pay less” as a slogan.

Apart from Computer World and Global there are minor players like A+ Computer Training Centre and The Business School that cater for niche markets.