Business & Computer Studies

Four Certificate Courses – $12,000 each

Package: $45,000 (Save $3,000)

This diploma programme provides computer training in business studies using e-learning and instructor-supported education.  It is totally computer-based instruction that covers the major aspects of business studies with an orientation to work in computerized environments.

Business Planning & Organization

with Business Plan Pro

In this course you will learn Business Basic, Internal Operation, Business Strategies, SWOT analysis and Business Planning.

Marketing & Advertising

with Business Plan Pro & Publisher

In this course you will learn the Principle of Marketing, Marketing and Customer Service, Products,  Pricing, Promotion, Price & Customers and Customer Service.

Accounting & Financial Management

with Excel

In this course you will learn the Accounting & financial management overview, basic accounting procedures computers in accounting assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, net profit & loss equity financing and managing, risk and insurance etc.

Business Office Administration

with Visio & QuickBooks

In this course you will learn the role and functions of the office, duties & responsibilities of a purchase of the office, stock control, types of discount,  processing sales on credit, Supply Chain Management  and overview of Microsoft Visio.

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