Event Planning & Project Management 

Three Certificate Courses: (First two courses $12,000 each, last one $24,000)

Package: $45,000 (Save $3,000)

Completion of the Diploma in Event Planning & Project Management will equip students with the knowledge and skills of planning and organizing an event, marketing skills, funding and how to use Microsoft Project to manage projects of event planning.

Business Planning & Organization

with Business Plan Pro

In this course you will learn Business Basic, Internal Operation, Business Strategies, SWOT analysis and Business Planning.

Marketing & Advertising

with Business Plan Pro & Publisher

In this course you will learn the Principle of Marketing, Marketing and Customer Service, Products,  Pricing, Promotion, Price & Customers and Customer Service.

Event Planning

& Project Management

In this course you will working with several topics such as events, management, funding, marketing, practical event management & project management.

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