Legal Office Studies 

Four Certificate Courses: $12,000 each

Package: $45,000 (Save $3,000)

This programme provides computer training in legal office administration. Students learn the operations of the legal system and how to prepare legal documents for criminal and civil matters. Computer-based tutorials, quizzes, and document preparation assignments are used to ensure that students master legal terminology, court procedures and legal document preparation. Students are required to develop the computer typing and document preparation skills required of legal secretaries and legal office assistants.

Courts & the Legal


In this course you will learn the classification of law, players in the law scene, civil law, tort liability, criminal law distinguished from civil law, elements of a lawsuit, basic elements of contract law, the legal system, working in law firm, civil law and litigation, The Lawsuit: preparation of trial, place of a lawsuit, commencing a legal action filing a demurer and The Lawsuit: litigation and discovery process.



In this course you will learn the tradition of legal terminology, latin terms, common words and phrases and common terms of particular legal disciplines such as real estate law terms, family law terms, estate law terms, civil litigation terms, debtor-creditor law terms, corporate law terms and criminal law terms.

Preparing Legal


In this course you will learn definitions, the statutory requirements, technical requirements, initiation and preparation, formatting of a legal document, anatomy of a contract, proofreading, endorsements, copying, collating, storage, creating precedent documents and other legal documents.

Legal Office


In this course you will learn legal time keeping and billing, calendering, docket control and case management definitions, manual docket control, creating a database using Microsoft Access and working with Microsoft Outlook

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