Foundation Diploma in Computer Studies (Basic Skills) $25,000 Package


Completion of the Foundation Diploma in Computer Studies plus any two Advanced Courses from the Diploma in Microcomputer Studies entitles the student to receive the Diploma in Microcomputer Studies. Instructor-lead and e-learning instruction are combined to provide a first-class computer training experience. Choose the days and times that suit you. If you attend classes for 8 or more hours a week, you can finish a course in one week. If you attend classes for 4 hours a week you can complete a course in 2 weeks.


Five (5) Certificate Courses


1 or 2 Weeks each depending on timetable selected.



Cost: $6,000 each    

Package: $25,000 (Save $5,000)

One month given to pay



Introduction to Microsoft Access

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Windows, Internet & Microsoft Publisher


Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010