Have a Question?

Browse through our FAQs section for more information about diplomas offered, time schedule etc. or contact our office on tele no. 592-225-1032 or 592-227-6619 for more details. You can also email us at computerworldguyana@gmail.com

What are the classhours?

Mons & Weds or Tues & Thur – 9.30 a.m – 1:30 p.m & 3:15 – 6:15 p.m

Saturdays  – 9:15 a.m – 1:15 pm

What do you Offer?
We offer CXC classes and  diploma programmes in Architecture Design, Business, Computer Studies, Computerized Accounting, Computer Repairs, Computer Typing, Medical Office Studies, Legal Office Studies, Nurse Aide Studies, Pharmacy Technician Studies, Phlebotomy Technician Studies,  Small Business Management, Banking Studies, Event Planning & Project Management,  Oil & Gas Studies.
When do I receive my certificates and diplomas?
Certificates are awarded the same day as the exams.  Diplomas are awarded when the last course in a package is completed .
How are the certificates and diplomas graded?
Distinction with Honors – A+ (90-100%)
Distinction                    – A   (80-89%)
Credit                           – A   (70-79%)
Pass                             – B   (60-69%)
Are the certificates internationally recognized?
Computer World first achieved international recognition in 1987 when the Diploma in Microcomputer Studies was recognized by three international professional examination bodies (Institute of Data Processing Management, Association of Business Executives and the Society of Company & Commercial Accountants). Employers worldwide and some colleges in the USA have also accepted Computer World certificates and diplomas. Also, many government ministries and other organizations sponsor their employees to attend courses at Computer World.

On 6 January, 2011, The Pharmacy Council of Guyana officially recognized the courses in our pharmacy programme as “appropriate for the training of Pharmacy Assistants” and further advised that all students upon succesful completion of our programme “will be subjected to a Forensic Law Examination for which dates and an examination fee will be determined by the council for the purpose of becoming licensed Pharmacy Assistants.”

When can I Start?
New class starts everyday except Fridays, Sundays & Holidays.
What is your class schedule?
We offer all programs Monday through Thursday from 10am to 1pm (morning session), 2pm to 6pm (afternoon session) and Saturday from 9am to 12pm (morning session) and 1pm to 5pm (afternoon session). Note: Select days and hours convenient to you. The more days and hours you choose the faster you complete a program.
How long does it take to complete a course?

An average of two to three weeks or eight to ten hours.

What is your payment plan?

We have flexible payment plans. You can pay per course or for the entire package of any diploma at a discount price. Note: You are also given an entire month to pay for any package and you will  also receive the same discount.

I stopped attending classes before I completed my course. Will I be able to continue at any time and do I have to pay a fee?
Persons who did not complete a course or diploma can continue at any convenient time. There is no fee for continuation of a course or diploma.
Can I switch to another program or diploma?
Yes you can switch a course providing you did not start the program. If you paid for the entire package, you can switch to another package but there will be a deduction for the courses you’ve started or completed from the said diploma you signed up for and a deduction for the manuals that were given to you.