In today’s computer world of high technology, internet-based learning, and Apps for almost every conceivable task, it is important to teach children to use computers through courses that are interesting and applicable to both their present and future educational and entertainment needs. A good place to start is by developing Foundation Packages in Computer Studies for Children, similar in scope and content to the offered by Computer World Institute.

There are many courses that are good candidates for inclusion in the ideal Foundation Package for Children. We will limit this article to courses that are ideal for a four-course package in computer studies versus those that are ideal for a similar package in Information Technology.

The four courses recommended for the computer studies foundation package are: 1. Introduction to Computers; 2. Microsoft Word Essentials; 3. Microsoft Excel Essentials; and 4. A graphics program like Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, or Coding with Scratch or Python or even Pascal. This type of package would provide knowledge and skills that are relevant to the educational needs of children as well as to their long-term needs when they graduate from school to the world of work.

The four courses that are recommend for the Foundation Package in Information Technology are: 1. Information Technology Essentials – Hardware, Software and Networks; 2. Microsoft Office Essentials with Word and Excel; 3. Coding with Scratch; 4. Coding with Python or Pascal. This package is ideal for children who are interested in pursuing careers in computer science, computer programming, engineering or some other technical field.

Regardless of the courses chosen for inclusion in the relevant foundation package it is key to ensure that the courses offered are relatively simple, very affordable, conveniently scheduled, and, most of all, interesting and exciting. In order to achieve these goals, the content of each course should be challenging but limited to the essentials, manuals and learning materials should be clear and integrate both text and graphics, and teachers must be very friendly and patient.

A good foundation is essential for building any lasting structure. Likewise, a good foundation package in computer studies or information technology is essential for preparing children for the world of computers and high technology.