Many persons who left secondary school in Guyana without securing CSEC passes in English and Mathematics are often forced to resit these subjects if the want to attend post-secondary institutions like the University of Guyana, the Cyril Potter College of Education, and the Georgetown Nursing School. Unfortunately, not many part-time study options exist that allow day-time, afternoon and weekend options for attending CXC classes at convenient times for working adults or school leavers who prefer morning classes for adults.

The Adult Education Institute offers classes but in a full-time school environment with uniform-wearing requirements for attendees. The only school to-date that offers day time, part-time classes with convenient schedules and affordable fees is Computer World Institute which specialized in adult education CXC classes for school leavers and other adult learners. These classes present a challenge to educators since many of the attendees do not have secondary school knowledge of basic Math and English essentials. However, these same students are often intent on sitting the CSEC exams within a year or less of starting classes. Experience has shown that while it is possible to obtain acceptable pass rates in English by focusing on question answering techniques it is very difficult to obtain more than a few passes in Math since the paper 3, which focuses on practical applications of Math, was introduced in 2018.

The problem of weak foundation in basic Math and English is compounded by the fact that classes for each subject are at most two to three hours per week, given the need to make the classes affordable, and the tendency of most students to not do homework assignments or to revise the work covered in class.

In order to increase pass rates in spite of the above problems, Computer World has implemented a strategy that is based on exposing students to past exam papers almost from the beginning of the course. Hopefully, this new strategy will increase pass rates for both Math and English in the future.