This article develops and applies a comprehensive ranking system for computer schools in Guyana to serve as a guide for potential students and other stakeholders to use in decision-making about selection of schools and programs to meet personal or corporate training needs.

The ranking system will use the following criteria using a 10-point ranking system metric. The metrics that will be used are: I. Reputation and Recognition; Ii. Years of Establishment; III. Variety of Offerings; iv. Cost or Affordability; v. Quality of Staff; vi. Location; vii Convenience of Schedule; viii. Study Options – Classroom, online or blended; ix. Technology employed; and x. Overall value for money.

The schools that will be ranked are those that have been in existence for at least a year and advertise their programs to the public. These criteria result in five qualifying institutions: Computer World, Global Technology, A+ Computer Institute, The Business School and School of the Nations. The points awarded are based in the author’s opinion based on publicly available information and unfortunately does not include the opinions of past students or members of the public. The potential for bis is also acknowledged given the author’s affiliation with Computer World Institute. Nevertheless, every effort was made to be as objective as possible.

Based on the ranking system employed, the schools would be ranked as follows:

  1. Computer World.
  2. Global Technology.
  3. A+ Computer Institute.
  4. The Business School.
  5. School of the Nations.

Computer World and Global Technology gained the maximum points for reputation and recognition. Computer World gained the highest points for years of establishment, cost of affordability, variety of Offerings, convenience of schedule and overall value for money. Global Technology obtained the highest points for location, study options, technology employed and study options. None of the other schools occupied one of the top two positions in any category.