Students who complete national accreditation council approved programmes at Computer World Medical Institute, the University of Guyana, Qualitest, etc are normally required to complya period of internship at a pharmacy, medical lab, hospital or nursing home to provide them with work experience.

Ideally, it would be of great help to students if they obtain such internship experience at both public and private medical institutions. However, space, time and other resource limitations limit the ability and willingness of many institutions to offer internships since they may consider doing so a burden and strain on their resources with no compensating benefits.

The Georgetown Public Hospital, understandably, gives preference to University of Guyana students and are reluctant to provide internships to other schools on a regular basis. However, institutions like Eureka labs, Fast Relief Pharmacy on Durban street, Caresworth pharmacy and Mercy Nursing Home to name a few have been very generous in providing internships free of cost.

In the experience of the Computer World Medical Institute, it is useful for individual students to take their internship requests directly to the institutions they wish to intern with in order to speed up the process of interning at the Georgetown Public Hospital and other reluctant institutions.